Sponsorship appeal

An expedition like this requires a huge amount of planning, and  considerable resources to make it successful. All costs incurred to date, including the purchase of our bikes, have been self-funded, as will all of our living costs throughout the trip, such as food, accommodation, chaffing cream etc.

But this is only the start. We are hoping to engage with companies for other aspects of the trip, such as branded clothing, camping gear, IT and media equipment, printing and communications.

The use of sponsorship deals will greatly help, not only logistically, but by allowing us to increase exposure, which in turn will boost the amount of cash we’re able to raise for War Child.

What’s in it for you? We will actively go out of our way to promote any company that helps us with this huge undertaking. The logo spaces that follow through the website are clear to see, further coverage will be available through our videos and blogs, Facebook and Twitter and any press interest we conjure up along the way. In addition, we will be looking to produce a documentary and book upon our return; potentially offering huge coverage to any companies that are involved in helping us complete our journey. 

Would your company like to be part of the adventure? If yes, then please contact us so that we can look for ways of working together.

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