VADO is a leading UK-based bathroom brassware manufacturer offering high quality taps, showers, accessories and fittings. They are helping us financially with essential equipment that will make our journey possible. They also donated a bathroom suite for our leaving ball auction; the winning bid? A staggering £1900.

Shanly Homes is a well established property development company with a commitment to production excellence and innovative architectural design. They specialise in small to medium size developments in desirable locations. They are helping us with essential equipment that will make our journey possible.
Kerven Bros. Ltd are a small building firm that undertake various types of work across Surrey and Southwest London that are always completed to the highest standard. The company has made a generous donation towards equipment that is vital to the success of our trip.
   True Ingredients are a band that we originally saw at Freeze festival in 2011. Subsequently, they went on to headline our leaving ball for free. Needless to say, they blew everyone away and ensured that the event ended with a bang!


 Festivals for will be covering our journey via their fantastic web-site. In addition, they have given us an unbelievable amount of help with regards to music in the UK and abroad.
Excellent graphic design and layout input into all of our design work, t-shirts, stickers, etc…The help that Graphicks has given us has been essential in the production of leaflets, hoodies, the website and the general brand.
A ground investigation company, that have taken an interest in our journey and kindly donated the money to pay for our panniers and luggage.
A leading flat and pitched roofing company, who have generously donated the money to pay for equipment to keep a roof over our heads and ensure we have a safe journey.
A new tour operator that has kindly donated some money to get us round the world, and also donated a ski holiday to raise funds for War Child directly.

NUCO Travel is a new independant tour operator, founded on the belief that it can offer a more professional, higher quality of service than is currently available to the student snowsports market.

From a personally tailored trip for two right up to grand scale snowsports events for over 3000 partygoers, NUCO’s personal experience from working closely with the various ski resorts for the past 10 years and resulting close working relationships with the suppliers in these resorts we are able to offer the most competitive prices and flawlessly coordinated holidays.

NUCO has landed, and we are waiting to design your holiday to make sure that every holidaymaker has the perfect break suited exactly to his or her needs.
Track 24 have supplied us with essential tracking software to keep everyone updated as to where we are and let people know we are safe.
Track24 Solo Limited is a subsidiary of Track24 Limited – a leading global provider of tracking and crisis management solutions.Established in 2004, Track24 Ltd. was set up to address the need of companies operating in high risk parts of the world in order to manage risk better.In simple terms Track24 provides the capability to know where anyone is, who they are and whether they are in trouble or not. Track24 Solo leverages the concept and experience of Track24 Ltd. to provide a simple solution for small businesses and individualsto track and manage people and to provide them with a panic alert facility in case of an emergency.
Axter is a quality manufacturer of products for roof waterproofing, green roofs, environmental protection, daylighting, ventilation and smoke evacuation.From drawing board to final handover, Axter’s team offers technical and design expertise. Bespoke specifications and CAD drawings, backed by insured long term guarantees, provide construction professionals with waterproofing solutions for both new build and renovation projects. Axter have kindly helped us by providing funding for some of our trip.

The OnePiece, fantastic for lounging about in at home, OR, taking around the world on bike! We are taking two of these suits away with us, and we will also have a handful to give away at our leaving ball in March!

Stunningly unique colourful hats. Designed by you, handmade by them. For skiing, snowboarding, outdoor and casual wear. They have given us some vouchers for the raffle at our leaving ball, and will also be keeping our heads warm when we are going through the colder climates.

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