About us

We are Tom Nelson and Phil Saunders


Whilst we cycle over 30,000km (click for planned route) and through at least 26 countries, we will be searching for the ULTIMATE MUSICAL EXPERIENCE (click for music).


With a shared love of music, we will be exploring its different forms in the various cultural surroundings through which we travel. We are not claiming to be musical gurus, nor are we champion musicians. In fact, neither of us can play a musical instrument. We are just two normal guys looking to explore a mutual passion, and keep you posted with our progress and discoveries along the way. To find out more about who we are and why we are doing this, click here.


We’ve created this web-site in order to allow people to follow our journey and interact with us along the way via our blog. As well as our web-site, you can also interact with us via FacebookTwitter and YouTube.


Follow us through our media


In addition to the above and our blog, you can find out more about about us and stay connected through our videos and photos, both found on our media page. We both have passions for photography and film, and hope to document our entire journey using both. We will update the website throughout the trip and ensure our most recent video is posted above.

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