Daring Dynamos Leaving Ball 2012 – A brief summary

Hi everyone,

For those of you that attended our leaving ball on the 3rd March, we can not thank you enough for you coming along and showing the generosity and support that you did. Good nights are made by the people around you, so we must thank you all for giving us the perfect send off! An amazing group of people were in that room and we are both extremely saddened by the likelihood that we won’t see the majority of them until Mar 2014!

A full blog on the night will be coming soon, but it’s important to say a few things right away.

Firstly, a staggering £13,064.36 was raised for War Child at our leaving ball and this has made a huge dent in our overall target. Thank you to everyone that came along, bought raffle tickets and especially those who partook in the auction!

Secondly, we must say a special thanks to all of our sponsors. Without your help, the event wouldn’t have been possible and neither would our actual trip. So, from the bottom of our heart, thank you. Please check out our sponsors and visit their websites by clicking here.

Thirdly, there were a few special people on the evening that really helped us out. Namely Sophie, Hannah, Bear, Viv and the rest of the catering team, Ed the photographer, our parents, our siblings, and of course, the amazing artists that all performed for free. Every single one of you put so much effort into this event, and without them, we would have both had mental breakdowns about a week ago.

Penultimately, we need to thank War Child for the way they have taken us on board, the enthusiasm they have shown, their fantastic speeches on the night, and for letting us go to Africa. During Amanda’s speech, she referenced a video that you should all watch, it’s embedded below and we strongly suggest watching it; it gives a fantastic insight into the work that War Child do and the reasons why we are cycling round the world for them.

Lastly, and there are a few lost items that we have from the night. Two jackets and a watch, so if anyone has lost them, please contact Tom or me, and we’ll get them back to you (after a small donation is made of course).


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