The Cage -11.08.11

After an intense planning session, a few beers and a fantastically cooked curry courtesy of Mrs Nelson, we mounted our trusty steeds, dodged the local middle class rioters and cycled the leafy suburbs of Reigate; ending up in the classy Cage Wine Bar. 

The excitement about our first gig together was so thick, it was almost palpable. After  purchasing ourselves some appropriate beverages, we sat down outside and waited for our joint gig virginity to be taken from us. All of a sudden, we realised that neither of us had a clue how we were going to convey the quality of the impending musical festivities. Hastily, we took out our notepad and started thinking of questions and a format for which to present our blogs. This is what we came up with and we hope you like it.

Our first Gig

They refer to themselves as ‘Matt Mitchell & Tom Walker’, not the best name for a band but their set for our first gig together was a pretty smart one, packing it with cover hits, and good ones at that. With just two guitars, two speakers Matt and Tom clearly demonstrated their 70/80’s rock influence and not just in song choice. The best song of the night was a chilled out version of The Sterophonics’ Dakota. Matt (the lead singer) confidently performed the song, sounding like a very good cross between Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart. The rest of set was performed in a similar vein and although some of the audience were more interested in earing their Chinese take-away, the small crowd of around 40 people certainly appreciated the somewhat familiar sound of Matt and Tom. The one negative, if it can be called that, involved some rain denying us an encore. Not very rock ‘n’ roll we know, but as they say, ‘safety first’.

Once the gig finished we ran over to Matt and Tom like two nervous school kids and began explaining our forthcoming journey. Unfortunately we made the mistake of mentioning the word ‘critique’ which is something we won’t be saying again; working musicians probably feel the same about critics as lampposts feel about dogs. However, after some class A backtracking,  overcoming a few awkward silences and explaining our cycling plans, we managed to get our first interview… It’s all here below, all seven questions; enjoy.

Why do you love music?

Matt: It sends you to another place, putting you on a different plane to normality. When you are up there performing it sends you into a different zone and you forget about everything else going on.

Who are you inspirations?

Free, Hendrix, 70s and 80s rock

What makes a good gig?

Tom: If the sound and the performance come together it’s almost like making magic happen. When that does happen, you know you’re having a good gig.

Matt: It’s when the audience love it. When they are taken away to that other plane and they’re in the zone with us. To hear an audience sing the song back to you is one of the best feelings going.

Best ever gig?

Matt – Alter Bridge – Southampton Guildhall

Tom – Little Feet @ Indigo (O2)

Favourite flavour of jam?

Matt: Raspberry

Tom: Rhubarb & Strawberry

What’s the most amount of girls you have ‘partied’ with?

Matt: Two

Tom: Two

Who do people say you look like?

Matt: Paul Rogers (Free / Bad Company) / a wizard

Tom: Paul Kossoff (Free)


This was our first gig together, our first band interview and our first ‘proper’ blog; although not ‘The Ultimate Musical Experience’, it certainly was a good night that exceeded our expectations. Consequently, if you are ever in need of an excellent band, please contact Matt, his e-mail is Matt also has another band called Furyon,  a bit more hardcore and well worth a listen

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that whilst frantically taking notes, a few of the audience cast a glance, some even asking what we were doing. Inevitably, we told them about our magical musical journey and the conversation grew from there. To cut a long (and extremely boring) story short, one couple recommended listening to a relatively new guy called Stephen James, great voice and even better lyrics, definitely one for the future; be sure to check him out


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  1. Jim @ The Cage

    Proud to have met you guys on your first gig and glad young Creena passed on Stephen James and his wonderful talents.. good luck and bon voyage guys 🙂

  2. Hello! ooh, my first comment…very exciting. I really like this encounter. Really nicely presented and described and sounds like you’ve learnt a good few lessons – use of language and awareness of your-self in situ and listening to (locals) comments, love it! Just wanted to come in with a couple of ideas, random questions great, but to be able to get comparisons – develop some key questions which you will ask to everyone you meet regarding music. Which song did you like the most, but also – quite important for more ‘exotic’ music, what did the audience like the best and why, interviews with audience members would be a really nice touch. Anyway, all stuff you’ve probably got in your minds but just wanted to put it out there – to write something really… xx Bring on next year!

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