Work, rest and play idea

We are trying to come up with a tag line and logo for our web site/brand.
The idea behind this one is that in our normal life’s we work, rest and play. The same will be true when we are cycling. BUT, instead of working an office, we will be pedalling the open road. When you are sleeping in a comfy double bed, we’ll be in a tent cuddling for warmth. And when you are at your local night club looking to play, we will be scouting the world for the best musical experience.



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  1. Looks amazing you 2. Have spent 2 months on the road now and really enjoying it – your web site puts our little blog to shame but if you are going to Eastern europe you may want to check it out.
    Love the London film

    Hope you have done some cycling now Phil – best to get your backside into shape before you setoff
    Caroline and Dave Kirkham

  2. Your website is incredible!!! I just launched my own bike+music+ridingtheworld website today… but your design is crazy awesome. I haven’t decided which charity to give to yet, but I want to raise money as well. Yeesh, I’ll definitely be following you guys. 🙂

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